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Lizzie Maxwell, actress, writer, producer, and acting coach, knows what it's like to be "out of work," but not out of spirit. For years, in her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, Lizzie developed, produced, and emceed her own floating cabaret show, "The Playhouse," which encouraged new talent (actors, comedians, dancers, singers, mimes, etc.) to perform at various venues.

She is credited with being the first to establish the comedy club in Western Massachusetts. One night, when her comedian/emcee did a no-show, Lizzie took center stage, and wowed the audience with her comedic abilities. The laughter and applause reconfirmed the inevitable: she wanted to act. So 17 years ago, at the age of 31 (over the hill in Hollywood terms), Lizzie left a flourishing real estate career, and headed west to live her dreams.

Since her arrival in Hollywood, Lizzie has been seen on television in such series as "ER," "LA Law," "Unsolved Mysteries," "It's a Miracle," and "General Hospital." She has also graced the stage as Veronica in "Veronica's Room," Big Al in "Big Al Goes Straight", the Duena in "Henry the VIII," and has played colorful characters in numerous short and independent films, including "Jerusalem Avenue" and "Cause and Defect."

Most credited with her work as an acting coach and marketing specialist, Lizzie also leads marketing seminars in the entertainment industry, and lectures on the business of showbiz at various colleges and universities throughout Southern California.

She has an Associate's degree in television and radio, and a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Actors are masters of finding survival jobs, and Lizzie is no exception. She has been employed as a social worker, commodities broker, real estate agent, substitute teacher... and once even cleaned koi ponds for Richard Donner (producer of "Lethal Weapon" and "Superman").

Last year, Lizzie stepped back into the producers' arena and co-produced the hit stage play, "Parental Discretion," starring John Aniston and Robert Kelker-Kelly (both from "Days of Our Lives"). Written and co-produced by screenwriter Gary Goldstein, the comedy tells of two gay men who want to have a baby, and the Archie Bunker-like father who shows up at their doorstep, without a place to live. The play received rave reviews, and is being considered for a tv series.

The year 2000 was also the year that Lizzie decided to publish her first book, "LITTLE FISH IN A BIG POND - A SUPPORT GUIDE FOR ACTORS."

"I wrote the book to help actors understand the process, to teach them what to expect from people in the industry, how to look at their career as a business, and to guide them through emotional times. I decided to self-publish, because my book is a timely product. I waited 16 years for Hollywood to come knocking on my door. I wasn't going to do the same thing with my book. If there's one thing I've learned in my lifetime, it's that whatever you want in life, you've got to go out and make it happen for yourself."

Currently, Lizzie is in pre-production with another dream: a documentary she wrote, and will produce and direct: "Dreams - An Actor's Journey." This true story depicts six actors, over 40, who have spent their lives seeking to be "working actors."